Keep your Eyes on Jesus: The Challenge of Euthanasia

This past Sunday – XVIII Ordinary Time – we heard the story from St. Matthew’s Gospel of Jesus inviting Peter to come to Him as the storms raged on the waters. The storms of this world include the false compassion of euthanasia harassing those facing serious or terminal illness. Once Peter takes his eyes off of the Lord, he sinks. Too many Christians – including some ecclesial communities – have stopped looking to the Lord for guidance and instead imposed on Jesus the ‘blind guidance’ of the world. Remember how St. Peter tried to tell the Lord how to be his Lord ? (Matthew 16: 21-23) Jesus called this satanic. Lord free us from being a “hindrance” to your holy will.

This Audio is the 8 p.m. Mass Homily for the same day. It is more to the point, in my opinion.